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Are you interested in a Managed Remote IT Support Contract?Our unique plan offers UNLIMITED Remote IT HelpDesk Support for a fixed monthly cost.

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You simply call our service desk on uk  +44(0)79990 48446

    Remote IT

    At we offer a fully Managed Remote IT Support Solution. By accessing your devices remotely we can provide immediate assistance without the need for on-site field personnel. You get fast response times as there is no travel time required. Thanks to remote access there is minimal effort for you and you benefit from a high level of availability of your devices and systems. Access takes place via encrypted connections and is clearly defined. All of our Remote Desk Engineers are fully trained and proactively monitor your systems to maximise their efficiency and greatly reduce downtime resulting from IT related issues.

    What are Managed IT Services?

    A managed IT service provider is a company that works remotely to manage your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. You simply pay an agreed monthly bill, no different from any other utility bill. We then proactively monitor your systems and respond to your requests in a timely and efficient manner. We do not enforce lenghty contracts and only require 30 days notice to cease our services

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    You simply call our service desk on uk +44(0)79990 48446


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